The El Felix Mex / Tex Avalon Alpharetta Restaurant

Avalon Alpharetta Restaurant The El Felix

There are many eateries and restaurants in the popular Avalon in Alpharetta and this is the beginning of my contribution to share information,
websites and photos of food and dining around Avalon.

Avalon Restaurant Outdoor Seating El Felix

Just last week, 6.16.17, I had a business lunch at The El Felix. I use YELP often and it showed, at the time, that is was rated a 4.1 our of 5 and one of the best rated restaurants in Avalon.
I decided to start there and really enjoyed the food and will return. It is a very large restaurant with eating available outside as well. It was busy and with the high ceilings and lots of hard surfaces throughout, it can be a bit loud in there with a lot of background chatter. The service was great and people seemed to be enjoying eating and drinking at the bar as well.

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